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Goal Post Awning

We have developed a Goal Post Awning shelter, an incredibly versatile option for covering large outside areas. Capable of covering areas of up to 12 x 8 metres, the galvanised steel construction comprises of two or three columns, each fixed to a concrete footing and an awning attached to one or both sides.

The awnings can be opened and retracted using a mechanical handle system or fitted with an electrical motor which can be operated by a switch, remotely or using an automatic wind detector. 

The awning fabric is waterproof, colourfast, non-shrink and mould resistant and is available in a wide range of colours. The awnings and optional valances can also be brand printed on request.

John Robertson Ltd can also supply wall mounted awnings, that are custom-made and designed to individual specifications.

A range of lighting and heating options can also be added to your awning. 

All awnings are custom-made to meet an individual specification.

Please  allow approximately four to six weeks from receipt of order to installation.

Please call us today on 01284 830100 to discuss your requirements or to arrange a site visit. 

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